Why Live?

Why Cut Your own tree?


Real Christmas Trees are a Christmas tradition, and for many families the yearly trek out on the farm to choose and cut their tree, is a part of that tradition.

If you cut your own tree there if no doubt how fresh it is.  Any cut tree should last through he holiday season as long as it is properly cared for.  Water, water, water.

A real Christmas Tree that is watered and kept fresh won’t shed needles. If you keep your real Christmas Tree watered, you will find that it will last two months or more in your home and it will shed very few needles.

Real Christmas trees are environmentally friendly:

  • they convert carbon dioxide to oxygen ;
  • they improve soil stability;
  • they provide an aesthetically pleasing improvement to the land and bring value to portions of land which could not be used to grow other crops;
  • they serve as wildlife habitat, we often see deer in our field and you can see evidence of the trees the deer use to rub their antlers on;
  • Natural Christmas tree are biodegradable and many towns collect trees after Christmas and convert them to mulch. The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree produces 3 tons of mulch annually;
  • Natural Christmas trees are a renewable resource.

All most all Christmas trees are grown on land which could not be used to grow other farm products; our farm for example is to small to be profitable by produce traditional farm crops of corn, wheat, soybeans, etc.

Enjoy the family of tradition of choosing and cutting your own real Christmas tree this year!